180 Varick Street Suite 1128
New York, NY 10014
About AMP3 Creative

First impressions count. That potential client you're working to impress may have already made up his or her mind by the time they finished scanning your business card. An online shopper may have dismissed your company by the time your website finished loading. It's a harsh reality, but in a fast-paced world a great quality product or a market changing concept will fall unnoticed without the right presentation. AMP3 Creative will work with you to build a trustworthy, appealing brand, website, ad campaign or anything els you might need for that competitive edge, assuring you that that first impression will be a good one.

Our Flatiron offices are based in the heart of Manhattan, allowing us to keep a pulse on the design industry as a whole. Our objectives are simple: get the message across, and make it poignant and memorable. We have worked on projects ranging from national campaigns to boutique one offs. We love what we do, and that message is evident in our work. We always make sure the clients we work with are serious about what they do, as we feel we put our reputation on the line with every single piece of work we create. Needless to say, we take pride in the process and the end result.