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Count the Flags

Every time you see a flag flying or posted somewhere, shout and point it out.  Count as you go, by saying one flag, two flags etc.  Remember the number you are on.  The person that spots the most flags by the time you arrive, or after a pre-determined amount of time, is the winner!


A variation on ‘count the flags’, except that you are counting dogs.  Another animal can be substituted if there is one more appropriate for the area you are traveling in.


Use your guidebook to ask the rest of your family trivia about the area that you are traveling in.  Questions can be about geography, names of cities, language questions etc.

The Alphabet Game

Pick a category such as food, countries, states, animals or plants.  Start with the letter ‘A’ and name an item in that category starting with the letter ‘A’.  The next person has to name an item in the category starting with ‘B’.  Keep going until you get stuck.

For example if you are naming Countries, the first person would say ‘Australia’.  The next person would say ‘Bolivia’ etc.

License Plate Tic-Tac-Toe

Draw a tic-tac-toe grid on a piece of paper and give to each family member.  In each square write the name of a state of province (if traveling in North America).  When you spot a license plate from that state or province, place an ‘X’ through the square.  The first person to have a straight or diagonal line of ‘X’s wins!

I Spy

“I spy with my little eye, something that is ___________’.  The blank is filled in with a color or descriptive word such as ‘round’.  If traveling in the car, you must pick something that will stay in sight despite the fact that you are moving, so either something very far away or within the car itself.  Each family member gets a turn spying and the others have to guess.

Guess the ETA

Each person must guess the ETA- Estimated Time of Arrival, at the start of the trip.  As the destination gets closer, you can have some fun guessing who’s ETA will be the closest.

Read the Map

Have extra maps available for the kids to follow along with too.  Show them where you have started, where you will end up and they can trace the route along the way, matching road signs to spots on the map, learning directions and guessing ETA’s.

Books on CD

There are many books available on CD for the car including children’s stories.  See the My Little Travel Bug ‘Travel Gear’ for available stories!  If you have an MP3 adaptor, you can also download podcasts for children to listen to in the car, including a Sesame Street podcast!

Travel Games for the Car

Visit our My Little Travel Bug Store found under ‘Travel Gear’ for games available for the car.

Coloring Books

Take a kit containing coloring books, crayons and other craft supplies suitable for your children’s ages with you on every road trip.

Name that Tune

While listening to the radio, turn down the volume when the DJ comes on and then try to guess the name of the song and the artist when it comes back on.  You can also channel surf and see how many songs you can guess.    When traveling in other countries, you may not recognize as many songs but it is always interesting listening to the language and music available.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Each person shakes their fist twice and then makes one of 3 signs.  Scissors  are two fingers out, rock- your hand remains in a fist and paper- all fingers outstretched and hand is flat.  Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock and scissors beat paper.  Set a limit, such as best 2 out of 3 wins each round.

20 Questions

One person thinks of a person, place or thing.  The other people in the car are allowed to ask 20 questions to try to guess the name of this person, place or thing.  The questions must be ones that would have a ‘yes or no’ answer.  The fewer questions that you need to ask, before guessing the right answer the better you have done.

For example, the answer might be ‘Dora the Explorer’.  Questions that the others might ask might be ‘Are you a person?’  ‘Are you a famous person?’ ‘Are you on television?’  ‘Are you a male?’ ‘Are you an adult?’ ‘Do you have blond hair?’ etc.

Gratitude Game

The first person must think of something that they are grateful for and say it out loud.  The next person, must repeat the first person’s gratitude statement and then adds one of their own.  The third person must repeat the first two and then add one of their own.  Keep going around until, somebody gets stuck and can’t remember or misses one of the gratitude statements.

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