Preparing For Your Family Vacation


My Little Travel Bug

8-12 weeks prior to departure

•    All family members should visit your local travel health clinic for any  vaccinations or anti-malarial medications prior to the vacation
•    Canada
•    USA
•    UK
•    Australia/NZ
•    Obtain an International Driver’s Permit  (if applicable)
•    Ensure all family member’s passports are up to date and that the expiry date is at least six months after your anticipated return.
•    Obtain any visas (if required by country)
•    Plan your itinerary and budget accordingly

2 weeks prior to departure

•    Fill any prescriptions and purchase medical supplies required for the family and ensure you have enough to last at least 7 days longer than anticipated return.  Keep in original containers and request a copy of the original prescription.  If you require syringes for medical purposes, get a note from your physician.
•    Make 2 copies of all passport identification pages.  Leave one set with your emergency contact at home and another set to be packed separately from the originals.
•    Arrange for health and travel insurance.
•    Purchase local currency if required.  Determine if there will be access to bank machines, credit card machines etc during your trip to assess the amount required.
•    Check if you will be required to pay departure tax at the airport and in what currency.  Have this available if necessary.
•    If only one parent is traveling with the children, obtain consent in writing or by court order, proving your right to accompany them.
•    Review luggage allowances for airlines/trains etc.
•    Purchase toiletries and travel gear required
•    Print My Little Travel Bug Country Health Profile to include with your travel documents.
•    Check the country travel report for your destination on your government website
•    Canada
•    USA
•    UK
•    Australia
•    NZ

Fill in the following information.  Leave one copy with an emergency contact and take the other packed in a separate piece of luggage from originals.

•    Embassy Location:__________________________________________________
•    Embassy Phone #:__________________________________________________
•    Bank card # ______________________________________________________
•    Phone # to report lost bank card________________________________________
•    Credit Card #/Exp__________________________________________________
•    Phone # to report lost card____________________________________________
•    Credit Card #/Exp__________________________________________________
•    Phone # to report lost card____________________________________________
•    Credit Card #/Exp _________________________________________________
•    Phone # to report lost card____________________________________________
•    Passport #’s_ _____________________________________________________
•    Health Insurance #_________________________________________________
•    Health Insurance Phone #_____________________________________________
•    Phone # to dial in emergency ex. 911 ______________________________________
•    Calling card # _____________________________________________________

1-2 days prior to departure

•    Pack your luggage.  Follow airline guidelines for carry-on luggage.  Use Packing Checklists provided by My Little Travel Bug.
•    Finalize arrangements with a person looking after your home while you are gone.
•    Pre-pay any bills that will be due while you are away.
•    Confirm any flights and check-in on-line if possible.

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