‘The Amazing Family Race’


My Little Travel Bug

Recommended Ages: 8 and older


Before leaving for your trip, print a checklist  (below) for each family member.  One adult should be in charge of leading the game and only that person should see the list ahead of time.  Once you have arrived at your destination, give each family member a sheet and a pencil that they can keep throughout the trip.  Small golf pencils pack well and can be kept in pockets. It may be fun to have a small reward for the winner, but this is up to the hunt leader.


This race has no time limit.  The first person to complete their list is the winner.  If nobody completes the list, by the end of the trip, the person with the most items is the winner. Another variation of the game is to use this list as a ‘challenge’ to be completed as a family.  This may be more appropriate if you have younger children.

The ‘Amazing Family Race’ Checklist

1.      Draw a picture of the flag for the country  (or state/province) you are visiting.

2.     Collect the coin that is the smallest amount of money for the country.

3.      Spot a mammal that is native to the area and ask the hunt leader to take a picture or note that you have pointed it out.

4.     Collect a map of a city or town that you visited.

5.      On the map:

a.    Put a circle around the area where your hotel is found.
b.    Put a triangle around another place you visited.
c.    Connect these two places, tracing the route that you took to get between them.

6.    Collect a napkin from a restaurant, food stall or market.  Write on the napkin the food that you ate there.

7.    Write down the number of a bus, train, taxi or boat that you used during your trip.

8.    Find an internet café and send an email to the hunt leader and/or friends at home, telling them your favorite parts of the trip so far.

9.    Make a purchase using the currency of the foreign country.

10.    Try a new food that you have never tasted before.  Name and describe it here:_______________________________________________________________________

11.    Learn how to say the following words in a foreign language spoken in the country.  (If the language is the same as your own, write down if there are any slang or other words used there).

a.    Hello ____________________________
b.    Goodbye_________________________
c.    Thank you _______________________
d.    Water ___________________________
e.    Washroom_______________________

Congratulations!  You have completed the ‘Amazing Family Race’!

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