As a child, my parents would often pull out the slide projector and show my brother, sister and I, the slides from their 1972 trip to Europe.  I believe this is when my obsession with travel started. Since then, I have traveled throughout North America with my parents and went on to explore five other continents with my husband.  We now have a beautiful little girl and  despite those that teased that our travel days were over, we continue to travel the globe.  I have a burning desire to see what’s around the next corner and share this wonderful experience with “our little travel bug”.

We hope we have created a website will inspire other families to travel with their children.  Travel will provide valuable life lessons for your family and create memories that will stay with you forever. Exploration stimulates the senses, and allows us to see that there is more to the world than just what is happening in our own lives.  It gets us out of our shell, engaged and truly living our lives.

My Little Travel Bug will provide you with all the resources you need for planning a trip.   First you need to book your trip.  Our Travel Health section will help you to get informed on any risks in your country of travel and how to prevent them to keep your family safe.  In the event that your child falls sick, our Country Health Profiles will aid in discussions with health professionals in foreign countries and let you know what will be available for treatment.  This section will be a focus on our website.  When I am not traveling or parenting, I am working as a pharmacist, so this is an area of special interest.

No trip would be complete without the proper Travel Gear‘.  Read reviews on popular travel items such as child backpack carriers, travel beds, strollers, guidebooks and more.  Checklists and Games includes everything from a packing checklist,, links to on-line resources and games for the road. At the end of the day, with a vacation well planned, relax and read our travel blog under Storytime‘.

We are also interested in hearing from you.  Please use the link above to contact us with any feedback you may have!


Lisa Woodill

Proprietor, My Little Travel Bug

Travel Smart.  Travel Safe.  Travel Happy :)

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